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These Bio-Sci-Fi Short Stories Explore Controversial Topics of the Bio-Sciences
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"Help--They Turned My Child into a Vaccie!" by Fred Fletcher

Synopsis:  No one knew what the Vaccine Machine was up to but, at last, their long-term grand scheme was uncovered: they were going to use children genetically altered by vaccines as monsters of mass destruction for a masterful global depopulation agenda--it was a flawless plan, or so they thought!
"To The Last Black Families Left on Earth" by Christiana Ayimba, PhD 
Synopsis:  As some people suspected, the Great Ebola Scare of 2014 was nothing but a scheme to eventually get rid of all blacks on planet earth . . . the Ebola virus was made by the US government either as a weapon against all enemies or, as they later decided, the perfect eugenics genocidal weapon . . . it was being perfected for its ultimate use and, years later, black folks started falling like bird droppings from an angry sky . . . in time, only a few black families were left . . . they were let out to play on a sunny beach . . . the press came by to cover the event . . . how had this been allowed to happen?  It just happened, folks . . . 
Are there things happening in the bio-sciences (including medicine) which may strongly affect your world?  The limitations inherent in journalism and the media in general may simply not be present (or as restricting) in narrative fictional literature; furthermore, "fictional" does not mean "not true" but, rather, "what could happen, has happened (albeit not reported in the "news") or may happen in the future."  Bio-Sci-Fi is a creative tool scientists and writers may use to explore scientific realms in ways not possible within traditional research and experimentation.  

Actually, Bio-Sci-Fi is a form of experimentation--i.e., a means by which to ask "what if?"  Clinical research and experimentation may help ascertain the accuracy of hypotheses and attestations but, before such avenues may be explored, questions have to be asked, theories have to be pursued/established, and discrepancies have to be addressed.  Narrative fiction makes these things possible without the use of so-called "guinea pigs"--also, there is little expense involved.  

Some of the propositions of narrative fiction may ultimately be far fetched but, by the same token, such literature can be a crystal ball into the future.  Hundreds of short stories and novels written in the past foretold things now turned reality; what will we now foretell through these speculative narratives?  

 Every month new Bio-Sci-Fi short stories will be added to the collection.  Please stay tuned for further details . . . Contact us with ideas, suggestions or questions.
We may in time solicit manuscripts but, for now, we will be publishing only solicited works. When the change is made writer's guidelines will be posted and you will be told where/how to submit material.  

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