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About F. A. Fletcher (MSPH/PhD) & Associates, Medical Writers
Fred Fletcher has been a technical/medical writer for over 15 years.  Since scientific writing often requires the input from different disciplines, Fred collaborates and consults with professors, lawyers, doctors, public health professionals, public officials, etc., when tackling each project.   We adhere to your strict specifications and abide by established deadlines. 

Pricing depends on the time constraints, length, specific criteria, and nature of the project.  Special payment arrangements may be worked out, including occasional pro bono agreements on behalf of nonprofits with unique projects, special payment plans, bartering agreements, and a sharing of proceeds (such as for ghost-written articles and books).  Simply submit a proposal

Other writers on staff have included:

Marilyn Sue Fletcher (Clinical Psychologist)

Susan Blakely (R.N.; Licensed Legal Consultant)

Frannie B. Gristwater (MA, MS, PhD; Geneticist)

Christiana Ayimba (PhD; Anthropologist; Historian)

B.L. Thomas (Biologist; Researcher; Sci-Fi buff)

Lisa Ellis (MS; Licensed Educator; Mathematician)

Dario Herrera, MD (retired)

Porter Davis (microbiologist; freelance journalist)

Interested in learning more?
"Hi. Do you have unique theories or original thoughts on the latest scientific developments, trends or needs?  We can help you put those 'thoughts' into useful literary formats (e-books, pamphlets, handbooks, etc.)--whether it be a research article to be published in scientific journals; white papers for an upcoming conference; grant proposals to fund further research; a book you have been postponing writing; etc.  We can help you outline and plan the writing project, edit what you may already have, or even ghost-write the item--that way, you garner all the glory and credit without taking time from your busy schedule.  Whatever you need, we can help you get it done!" .
"As an expert in your field you can help disseminate new perspectives, discoveries or methodology that can help advance medicine, not to mention your career. By sharing your knowledge you can help train recruits into the field, help justify research funds in your area of expertise, or even create additional revenue for your practice or facility. What you have to say is very important not just to your patients.  Let us help you get your message across to those who can benefit from it the most--preferably for mutually beneficial reasons." 
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