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1.How much do you charge?

We are one of the few professional medical/technical writing outfits that allows you 
to negotiate for the price you think you should pay. We use standards in the industry
to arrive at a quote for your project but, if you don't like what we propose, propose a 
price of your own. We know you can shop around for quotes (and we encourage you 
to do so before hiring anyone) and, unless your proposal is unrealistically low, we may 
just agree to your terms. In general, however, we will meet or beat other quotes you 

  2. How soon can I get my work completed?

You tell us. In general, our clients set the deadlines. Again, though, we may not accept
 deadlines that are unreasonable or unrealistic. For example, to request a 150-pages 
white paper on the social/cultural implications of Parkinson's disease to be completed in 30 days may simply not be feasible. Of course, if you are willing to pay extra, we can put a rush on most orders. You should note, however, that by stretching the deadline as long as possible (as well as by being as flexible as possible in other areas) you may reduce the final cost of the project regardless of whom you hire. This is because the more flexible the requirements, the more open-minded most writers are on what they are willing to accept for the work.

  3. How do you select a writer(s) for my project.

Once we have the specifications for the project, we let writers on call bid for the opportunity to do the work. This is another reason why you can negotiate for the price. We may be able to find a writer that may accept a lower bid for the same work if you do not like the quote we put forward.

  4. Am I obligated to accept the work completed by the writer selected/assigned?

No. You must be 100% satisfied. If you decline the final product, though, be aware that the writer is free to offer the completed manuscript to other potential clients. The writer remains the copyright owner of the work until he/she is paid for it. At that point, you own the work.

  5. Will I own all copyrights to the work I buy?

Yes, unless you decide not to buy it.

  6. How are writers protected from people who may order something only to steal it--later claiming they just did not like the final project?

We register the final product before you, the client, gets a copy of it. This is sufficient evidence that our writer owned the work before it was inappropriately obtained. Anyone stealing copyrighted material (as long as one can prove to whom the work belonged) is subject to some very stiff fines and possible jail sentences--not to mention potential lawsuits. As a matter of fact, a writer may make more money by suing someone who steals their work than from the fees they may be paid for writing it.

  7. How good is PRE-Scribes at what you do?

There is only one way you can find out. Since you risk nothing by hiring us, why not give us 
a chance?

  8. How may we contact you directly?

The best way to contact us is by email. Send questions/comments in care of Amber Cruz, 
Administrative Services Coordinator (ASC), at acruz@pre-scribes.com, or Fred Fletcher, 
MS/PhD (Chief Medical Writer) at dfredf@pre-scribes.com or dial (706) 444-3214.   
Please keep in mind that this is a business line and is, ergo, not available for telemarketers, 
personal phone calls about/to staff members, or any other type of communication from anyone 
other than PRE-Scribes clients and vendors. Thank you for complying . . .

PRE-Scribes staff relaxing at the beach after a boring conference . . .
Taking work to the beach night . . .
"Hey, my name is Amber Cruz and I will be your Cruise Director for the next few minutes.  If you don't like the robotized answers below just buzz me and I will see if I can better accommodate you.  I'm the official Administrative Services Coordinator (ASC) for PRE-Scribes.com--actually, that's just a highfalutin term for over-worked, underpaid "secretary." It's my job to make sure that everything is running smoothly here at the farm, that clients are happy (even if some of them are psychos with serious attitude problems--not you, of course!), and that things go where they belong.  All kidding aside, Fred (who hired me cause I'm blonde and cute--though he says he was impressed with my resume?) is absolutely paranoid about putting out quality writing; the rest of the writers are a bunch of geeks with too much education and no life to speak of--but, let's face it, that's good for you.  They're more "committed" (or probably should be--either that or medicated) to quality than even you are--in other words, the work they put out is worth its weight in gold.  You got my word--we will take care of you; with these writers on your side, you can't possibly miss--unless, of course, you aim well . . . Take care, guys, and do come back!!!!"
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